Trenchless Sewer Repair

The latest trenchless technology allows Great Lakes TV Seal to complete repairs that were previously expensive and disruptive in a way that is cost-effective and avoids excavation.

Great Lakes TV Seal offers:

  • Obstruction removal

           Protruding taps, blockages, deposits, tree roots, and more can be removed from pipelines using robotic cutters  or hydraulically propelled  carbide cutting tools.


  • Chemical grouting

            The first trenchless technology is still the best and most effective rehabilitation process to prevent groundwater infiltration into structurally sound sewer systems. Chemical grouting is effective on manholes, sewer mains and laterals.

  • AMerik fiber repair

            Cured-in-place-pipe (CIPP) allows sections of pipe to be repaired from the inside, without any digging. The AMerik system uses an epoxy impregnated fiberglass available for use from the smallest lateral to a large main, and from lengths ranging from 2 feet to 150 feet. The epoxy is cured with steam and will normally cure in less than one hour.

Pipeline on left is sheared, and backup in line is imminent;  picture on right shows sheared pipeline stabilized
with smooth transition.


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